U-864 Syringe Pump (8301001)

U-864 Syringe Pump

The Univentor 864 Syringe Pump is a high precision instrument designed for microdialysis, microinjections and infusions, 0,001µl-5ml/min. The Univentor 864 syringe pump offers a wide range of possibilities. The U-864 comes with a unique computer controlled pulse-free DC motor that ranges from 3-3000 rpm providing an extremely high precision.

The most common syringes are pre-programmed but any syringe within clamping range may be used. There are three interchangeable syringe holders available so that either 4 syringes up to 50mL, 6 syringes up to 10mL or 8 syringes up to 2.5mL can be used simultaneously. Fitted with syringe holders for a total of 4 syringes the Univentor Withdrawal Adaptor can be used to enable withdrawals as well as simultaneous infusions and withdrawals.

Art. no Description Price
8301001 U-864 Syringe Pump, w. holder up to 4 syringes 10ul-50ml Sign in
8301002 U-864 Syringe Pump, w. holder up to 6 syringes @ 10 ml Sign in
8301003 U-864 Syringe Pump, w. holder up to 8 syringes @ 2,5ml Sign in

The built-in computer makes the U-864 self-calibrating and takes care of all the calculations needed to keep control of flow rates and delivered volumes for different sizes and types of syringes. The control panel is self-explanatory and user friendly with a short operating instruction. During operations the settings remain visible and the delivered volume is continuously displayed. The last settings are stored as default values.

RS-232 and TTL logic interface is incorporated and the U-864 can be programmed to start, stop, wait, change flow rate and to start/stop external instruments such as the U-820 Microsampler or valves. The pump has a limit switch to automatically stop the motor when the syringes are empty to protect the syringes and the instrument.

Power Supply
External adaptor 100 - 240 V AC 50 - 60 Hz. Battery 12V 400mA
27 x 15 x 13 cm
3 kg
Pusher movement accuracy +/- 0.01 mm or +/- 1% of total distance
Syringes (Min/Max)
1 - 8 syringes with stroke length from 40 mm to 90 mm and O.D. from 6 mm to 32 mm
Max Linear Force
200 N
Drive Motor
DC motor with variable speed setting. Preset speed is controlled via an automatic closed loop speed control
Pusher Travel Rate - Minimum
0.006 mm/min
Pusher Travel Rate - Maximum
6 mm/min
Flow Rate Minimum
0.006 x syringe volume in μl/syringe stroke in mm
Flow Rate Maximum
6 x syringe volume in μl/syringe stroke in mm
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