The Univentor 802 Syringe Pump is a precise, flexible and very reliable pump that will operate any syringe within clamping range. Continuous flow rate from 0,01μl/min-50ml/min.

The Univentor 802 Syringe Pump is designed for fast and easy infusions while maintaining precise, constant and pulse free flow rates from 0.01µl/min to 50mL/min. For your convenience the most common syringes are preprogramed but any two syringes within clamping range, or one syringe (push) and the Univentor Withdrawal Adaptor (pull), can be operated simultaneously.

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A built-in computer enables the unit to be self-calibrating and takes care of all the calculations required to control flow rates and delivered volumes for different sizes and types of syringes. The control panel is self-explanatory with a short operating instruction and is foremost designed to, in every way, be user friendly. While operating, the settings remain visible and the delivered volume is continuously displayed. The last settings are memorized and stored as default values.

The U-802 Syringe Pump incorporates a built-in RS-232 and TTL logic interface and can be programmed to start, stop, wait, change flow rate and to start/stop external instruments such as the Univentor 820 Microsampler or valves. Our U-802 software provides all these options and keeps a log of executed commands. Should you need both hands free a foot pedal is easily connected for operating the pump. The pump has a limit switch to automatically stop the motor when the syringes are empty to protect the syringes and the instrument.

The U-802 is also compatible with the Univentor Micropusher, if you require precise syringe control from a distance, for example when mounted on a stereotaxic instrument. 

Power Supply
External adaptor 100 - 240 V AC 50 - 60 Hz. Battery 12V 400mA
27 x 15 x 9 cm
2,4 kg
Pusher movement accuracy +/- 0.01 mm or +/- 1% of total distance
Syringes (Min/Max)
2 syringes with stroke length from 40 mm to 90 mm and O.D. from 6 mm to 32 mm
Max Linear Force
200 N
Drive Motor
DC motor with variable speed setting. Preset speed is controlled via an automatic closed loop speed control
Pusher Travel Rate - Minimum
0.06 mm/min
Pusher Travel Rate - Maximum
60 mm/min
Flow Rate Minimum
0,06 x syringe volume in μl/syringe stroke in mm
Flow Rate Maximum
60 x syringe volume in μl/syringe stroke in mm
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