U-801 Syringe Pump

- Designed for Microdialysis

The Univentor 801 is a microdialysis syringe pump designed for a very constant and accurate flow with high precision and reliability. A very small and affordable syringe pump. 

The Univentor 801 syringe pump operates with a DC motor and advanced electronics, ensuring a very quiet constant and pulse-free flow. The U-801 pump is pre calibrated for 1,0; 2,5 or 5,0ml syringes with 60mm graduation length. The flow rate can be set between 0,1µl /min up to 99,9µl /min. A built in flush mode can be used to fill the system at the maximum flow rate.

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The U-801 pump has, like all of the Univentor instruments, a self-explanatory control panel and is very user-friendly. The small size of the U-801 syringe pump allows it to be placed very close to the experimental setup which is a great advantage when working within the microdialysis field.

The U-801 can also be combined with the U-810 or U-820 microsampler to provide an optimal setup for microdialysis experiments.

Power Supply
100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
19 x 7 x 3 cm
0.5 kg including adaptor
Syringes (Min/Max)
1 syringe with graduation length of 60mm 1.0 ml, 2.5 ml or 5.0 ml
Drive Motor
DC motor with variable speed setting, preset speed is controlled via an automatic closed loop speed control
Pusher Travel Rate - Minimum
0.006 mm/min
Pusher Travel Rate - Maximum
1.5 mm/min
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