ThermoStar Homeothermic System
ThermoStar Homeothermic System
ThermoStar Homeothermic System
ThermoStar Homeothermic System

ThermoStar Homeothermic System

The ThermoStar Homeothermic Monitoring System is a closed loop temperature control system for small rodents using a 4.3-inch color LCD touch screen.

The small, flexible rectal probe monitors the animal’s core temperature, and a heating pad provides heat input, and the subject’s core body temperature can be accurately controlled. The control unit receives temperature feedback from the rectal probe and adjusts the current to the pad accordingly.

Art. no Description Price
69020 ThermoStar Homeothermic Sys. Pad 12 x 20,5 cm & Temp probe Sign in
69027 ThermoStar Homeothermic Sys. Pad 7 x 10 cm & Temp probe Sign in
69022 ThermoStar Homeothermic Probe, Rat/Mouse, 1,5mm dia Sign in
69023 ThermoStar Homeothermic Pad, 12 x 20.5 cm Sign in
69025 ThermoStar Homeothermic Pad, 7 x 10 cm Sign in

The control unit is lightweight, easy to operate, and provides real-time display of temperature measurement, temperature setting, heating state, running state, fault warning and other functions. The ThermoStar system is delivered for use with one animal but has the unique capability with a second channel for controlling two small animals at the same time, with independent setting.

Heating pads are available in two sizes to fit all your surgical needs and fit the standard stereotaxic instrument setup. The pads are flexible enough to fully wrap the animal, which allows the animal to be warmed from all sides rather than just the front or back.

  • Double channel design provides heat preservation of two animals, and independent control with high flexibility.

  • Using centigrade (C) or Fahrenheit degree (F)

  • Tilt screen is designed for user-friendly clicking.

  • Audible alarms when body temperature deviate ± 1° from the set temperature
4.3 inch color LCD touch
20,5 x 14,8 x 8 cm
1,3 kg
Temperature Range
Probe Tip Diameter
1,5 mm
± 0.1°C
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