Thermometer TBAT-12


The world’s first thermocouple thermometer, Model BAT-4, was designed in 1969 by Physitemp Instruments, Inc. It was soon being used in the lab, factory, hospital O.R. and in the field. The new BAT-12 has evolved from the BAT-4 with many improvements over the years for fitting numerous of applications.

A very rugged and reliable thermometer for high throughput research with readings to 0.1° C - near perfect stability.

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BAT-12R Microprobe Thermometer, -100°C to +200°C Recheargable Sign in

It has a sealed construction and comes with a carrying case and 3-point stand. For recording: Analogue output for strip chart recording is a standard feature, and an ideal instrument for use with microprobes. BAT-12 is the ideal instrument for use with Type T Thermocouple microprobes for a wide variety of applications. Our most popular model.

12,5 x 6,5 x 15 cm
1 kg
AC or battery operated
3 1/2 digits, 1/2" liquid crystal numerals
0.1°C ± 1 digit between 0-50°C. 0.1% ± 1 digit over full range
Temperature Range
-100°C to +200°C

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