Spare Beads
Spare Beads


The sterilizer provides a safe, effective and convenient method for sterilizing your surgical instruments prior to and during surgery or tissue culture, directly at the workplace. Without using potentially dangerous gases, flames or chemicals, you can ensure that your instruments will be free of pathogens and microbial contaminants. The working temperature of the glass beads is 250º C and it sterilizes in 15-20 seconds, and after 30 seconds the sterilized parts are cool enough for use. The sterilizers exterior stays cool even after being used a full day's work and is safe to use even in laminar flow hoods.

Model 18000-45 is our most popular.

Please remember to properly clean the instruments with a pH neutral detergent and distilled water before placing them into the sterilizer.

Art. no Description Price
18000-45 Hot Bead Sterilizer - FST 250 8cm depth Sign in
18000-50 Hot Bead Sterilizer - FST 350 14cm depth Sign in
18000-46 Glass Beads - Small Pack for FST 250 Sign in
18000-51 Glass Beads - Large Pack Sign in

Instructions, how to use

  • Fill the container with dry and clean STERI glass beads 2 mm below rim. Never fill the container with other material or liquids.
  • Switch on the sterilizer. After the heating-up time the inner temperature reaches approx. 240–270°C which is maintained as long as the sterilizer is switched on. ATTENTION! DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS BEADS OR GLASS BEAD CONTAINER BEFORE COOLING DOWN!
  • Remove the metal cover and do NOT place it back on the glass bead container until the sterilizer is switched off, to allow good ventilation of the outer case.
  • Insert dry and clean instruments into the STERI glass beads as deep as possible for at least 10 seconds.
  • The sterilizer can remain in constant use all day, with no overheating. The outer casing heats to approximately body temperature, which is normal. Current consumption is very low.
  • When the day is over switch off the sterilizer. Place the metal cover on the glass bead container to keep out dust and foreign bodies.
  • The STERI glass beads should be replaced monthly or refilled in a dry state after careful cleaning.

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