Black Sterilke Silk

Black Sterile Silk

Braided silk is one of the best silks for handling and tying of any suture material. The braiding on the twisted core makes tensile strength higher, and the smooth surface ensures secure knots. Our braided silk is non-absorbable, sterile and is only for use with laboratory animals.

Art. no Description Price
14719 Black silk, 6-0, sterile, 100m

O.D 0,08mm

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14739 Black silk, 5-0, sterile, 100m

O.D 0,12mm

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14757 Black silk, 4-0, sterile, 100m

O.D 0,17mm

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14777 Black silk, 3-0, sterile, 100m

O.D 0,25mm

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14797 Black silk, 2-0, sterile, 100m

O.D 0,32mm

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14837 Black silk, 1, sterile, 100m

O.D 0,37mm

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14857 Black silk, 1, sterile, 100m

O.D 0,45mm

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14699 Black silk, 7-0, sterile, 100m

O.D 0,06 mm

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