Standard Straight

Broad serrated pattern with strong spring action.

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11000-12 Standard Pattern Forceps Straight, 2,5mm Tip, 12cm Sign in
11000-13 Standard Pattern Forceps Straight, 2,8mm Tip, 13cm Sign in
11000-14 Standard Pattern Forceps Straight, 3,25mm Tip, 14,5cm Sign in
11000-16 Standard Pattern Forceps Straight, 3,3mm Tip, 16cm Sign in
11000-18 Standard Pattern Forceps Straight, 3,7mm Tip, 18cm Sign in
11000-20 Standard Pattern Forceps Straight, 3,75mm Tip, 20cm Sign in
11000-25 Standard Pattern Forceps Straight, 3,9mm Tip, 25cm Sign in
11000-30 Standard Pattern Forceps Straight, 4mm Tip, 30cm Sign in

Dumont Materials

INOX forceps with a ceramic PVD-thin-film-coating, giving the instrument superior hardness, longer lifetime and scratch resistance. Withstands temperature up to 300ºC, biocompatible and easy to clean and sterilize.

Carbon Steel
Is an extremely hard alloy which ensures very strong tips. It easily rusts, is magnetic and cannot be autoclaved. 

A medical stainless steel that provides good resistance to corrosion, and temperature up to 400ºC. This alloy is magnetic and suitable for autoclave sterilisation. 

Dumont’s finest alloy. This patented Dumont alloy is more elastic and more resistant to corrosion than the finest stainless steel. It is resistant to minerals, organic acids as well as to salt. Dumostar is 100% non magnetic and resistant up to 500 ºC. 

This alloy is patented by Dumont and offers the best resistance to corrosion, mineral and organic acids due to high concentration of molybdenum and chromium. Dumoxel is 95% non magnetic, resistant up to 400ºC and suitable for autoclave sterilisation. 

Totally resistant to corrosion from nitric acid, chlorides and salt water. Titanium is a soft material with 40% less weight and more flexible than.


Dumont Tips

Super Fine Tips
Four times finer than the “Standard Tips.” These tips are extremely delicate for the finest work under the microscope. Extra care is needed for these tips as they are very fragile

Twice as fine as “Standard Tips.” Especially produced for high precision laboratory work under the microscope.

Made for high precision and consistently precise work under a microscope.

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