Stainless Steel, Olive Tip

Stainless Steel, Olive Tip

These Feeding Needles are mostly used for dosing and oral feeding of laboratory animals, but the stainless steel needles can also be used for intracardiac perfusion procedures. Precision assembly of the stainless steel tip and Type 304 Stainless Steel Tubing insure a quality needle suited for feeding and dosing without injury to sensitive tissues.

Art. no Description Price
1044 Feeding needles, straight, 18G 1,75mm olive tip, 30mm, box=1 Sign in
1037 Feeding needles, straight, 18G 1,75mm, olive tip, 40mm, box=1 Sign in
1036 Feeding needles, straight, 21G 1,75mm olive tip, 40mm, box=1 Sign in
1038 Feeding needles, straight, 19G 1,75mm olive tip, 60mm, box=1 Sign in
1043 Feeding needles, straight, 14G 1,75mm olive tip, 60mm, box=1 Sign in

Our animal Feeding Needles are designed to meet the needs of pharmacologists, toxicologists, pathologists and other biomedical researchers. For oral feeding and dosing of laboratory animals, the recommendations listed here are based on a field survey of users of our animal feeding needles. This data should be used as a guide only, in selecting needles of appropriate gauge, length, shape and ball size. Needle selected would also depend on the volume and consistency of the dosage.

Art.No: Animal Size
1043 >150 grams
1038 50 - 150+ grams
1037 15 - 150 grams
1036 15 - 35 grams
1044 15 - 35 grams

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