Spinal instruments Model 980
900 Mounted on 912 Base Plate
Spinal Accessories
Spinal instruments Model 980
900 Mounted on 912 Base Plate
Spinal Accessories

Spinal instruments Model 980

Model 980 Small Animal Spinal Unit is ideal for a variety of spinal procedures. A variety of spinal accessories have been included, making this unit extremely versatile for research with various small animals. It is easily the most flexible spinal unit available to researchers today.

The base of the unit is Model 912 Spinal Base Plate which is precision machined and has two full length tee slots for rapid mounting and removal of components. The plate is 24″ L x 12″ W x 1″ H and weighs 12,25 kg.

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982 Upright Post & Clamp Assembly Sign in
986-C Spinal Vertebrae Clamp Sign in
981C Mouse Retractor (2pcs) Sign in
912 Spinal Base Plate Sign in

Attached to the plate by way of tee slots are the base mounts with vertical posts and clamps (Model 982). The mounts are secured to the base plate by thumb screws and tee nuts for fast, rigid clamping. No wrenches are needed.

The posts have 3/8″ shaft and have 4.5″ of vertical adjustment. The upright assembly clamps have been designed with thumb screws for fast and easy height adjustment. The design of the Model 980 assures ample lateral, A/P and vertical travel of all components.

Several spinal cord accessories are available as notch & hip spikes etc. but customer commonly only purchase the items they require:

  • 1x Model 912, Spinal Base Plate
  • 2x Model 986C, Vertebrae Clamp
  • 1x Model 981C Retractor, Mouse (pair)
  • 4x Model 982, Adjustable Base Mounts with Post and Clamp

Please indicate if you are working with rat and/or mice during the checkout. We typically include mice accessories as standard but the instruments were designed for versatility. Any standard accessory that is not required can be omitted and the appropriate accessories can be added for your specific research.

  • Quality, versatility and ability to perform are guaranteed by David Kopf Instruments. Several atlases in current use are based on the dependable parameters of Kopf instrumentation.
  • The precise manner in which the instrument is built and assembled attributes to the accuracy, integrity and durability of our instrumentation.
  • Combines student level operating simplicity with research quality and accuracy.
  • Modular accessories allow for expansion of instrument capabilities. Adaptable for use with a wide variety of small animals.
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