Legato 100
Legato Touch Display
Legato 100
Legato Touch Display

Single Syringe Pump

These single syringe pumps is the world’s first single syringe infusion only pump with a touch screen interface. The pumps have a wide flow rate range from 1.26 pl/min to 88.32 ml/min depending on syringe size. The large touch screen color display allows the user to see all of the pumps operating parameters to ensure proper operation during the experiments. Syringe size and flow rate are easily displayed as well as the volume delivered and the elapsed time. Set up is easy using the icon driven software.

Art. no Description Price
Legato 100 Single Infusion Syring pump 1,28pl/min - 88,28ml/min Sign in
Legato 110 Single Infusion/Withdraw Pump 1,28pl/min - 88,28ml/min Sign in

These pumps offer the user flow rates with selected target volumes or time values to control the total infusion. The Legato 100 is ideal for electrospinning, nutrient feeding, mass spec calibration and other applications where a single syringe is used. The Legato 110, based on the Legato 100 also offers infuse and withdraw flow control and programmability for up to two multi step programs of 50 steps each. This pump is ideal for more complex multi-step dosing and has multimode operation including infusion only, withdrawal only, infusion and withdrawal and withdrawal/infusion modes.

Signal Output
RS485 IEEE-1394 6 pos, USB Type B, I/O & TTL 15 pin D-Sub Connector
Power Supply
100-240 VAC: 50/60 Hz, 50 W, 0.5 A fuse
22.6 x 19.05 x 15 cm
2.66 kg
± 0.05%
± 0.5%
Syringes (Min/Max)
0,5 µl to 60ml
Max Linear Force
13.6 kg @ 100% Force Selection
Drive Motor
0.9 Stepper Motor
Number of Microsteps per one rev.of Lead Screw
Pusher Travel Rate - Minimum
0.15 µm/min
Pusher Travel Rate - Maximum
159 mm/min
Flow Rate Minimum
1.28 pl/min (0.5 µl syringe)
Flow Rate Maximum
88.28 ml/min (60 ml syringe)

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