Multiple Channels
Multiple Channels

Peristaltic Pump

The 120 cased pumps offer flexible solutions for a variety of applications. Exceptional accuracy, combined with a digital display and intuitive user interface, ensure that these pumps are precise and simple to use. 

The biopharm process requires accurate and repeatable pumping which is easy to validate. With an exceptional 2,000:1 speed range and a selection of USP Class VI tubes, the 120 delivers the flexibility and purity so vital to drug trials. A keypad lock secures your pumping parameters for constant and repeatable performance.

Delivered with tubing and perfusion needle.

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010.6131.DA0 120S/DV Pump, 1-Channel 200RPM Sign in
  • The 114DV pumphead offers trouble-free tube loading in seconds, for high accuracy and repeatable flow and long tube life.
  • Flow rates 0.02 to 170 ml/min at 2 bar (30psi)
  • Flip-top, single channel pumphead ensures trouble free tube loading in seconds
  • Speed range 1 to 200 rpm in 1 rpm intervals at ±1% accuracy
  • Quick reversible direction
  • Auto start and Max (Prime)
  • Keypad lock to protect set-up


Variable speed peristaltic pump, offering manual control via an intuitive interface and digital display.

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