Oxygen Concentrator

The ROC-5A is an oxygen concentrator designed for various laboratory applications.

This Oxygen Concentrator uses molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption principle by using air as raw material and high-purity oxygen is physically separated. This mobile Oxygen Concentrator will provide endless oxygen production for your surgeries, ICU or other applications. 

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970-00254-01 ROC-5A, Veterinary Oxygen Concentrator, 0-5L/min Sign in

The ROC-5A generate medical oxygen (USP93%) from air and is very cost effective.

  • Flow rate: 5L/min.
  • Generate medical oxygen (USP93%) from air, very cost effective.
  • With air filter, build-in filter and humidifier bottle, 99.999% of bacteria,
  • viruses and odor can be removed effectively.
  • Low O₂ concentration alarm and abnormal alarm.
  • Quiet design to offer you a silent and comfortable working environment.
  • Suitable for supplying oxygen for anesthesia recovery, ICU, first aid etc.
300 x 360 x 600mm
22 kg
Flow Rate
0 - 5 L/min
Oxygen Concentration
93% +/- 3%
Outlet pressure
40 - 70kpa
Oxygen Tubing
2 x 2 m
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