Obsidian Stone Age Scalpels

For applications where extremely fine cuts are required or for studies where trace metals from ordinary scalpel blades cannot be tolerated. These ultra fine cutting edges have been used in human surgical procedures where objectionable scar tissue results from the use of standard scalpels.

The blade is made from obsidian—a type of volcanic glass—which allows a much finer blade than is possible with the conventional steel blade. In some cases this makes the relatively inexpensive obsidian scalpel a suitable substitute for an expensive diamond knife.

Cautionary note:
Obsidian is a very fragile material. Great care should be taken to not exert any lateral pressure on the blade during cutting. Each blade is hand-fashioned, so sizes, shapes and points will vary. While all the blades will have at least one sharp edge, some will have two.

Art. no Description Price
10110-05 Obsidian Stone Age Scalpel Straight, 6mm Cutting, 12,6cm Sign in
10110-07 Obsidian Stone Age Scalpel Angled, 6mm Cutting, 12,6cm Sign in
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