Thermocouple Needle Probe MT-Series

Needle Microprobe

We sell Type T thermocouple microprobes from Physitemp Instruments, Inc. These are amongst the very best of Type T probes available, and a must when taking precise temperature measurements. 

Fast-response needle probes for instant readings in tissue, semisolids, liquids. Also for very small specimens, powders and materials. Needle tip is sealed to ensure only stainless steel contacts specimen. Max. temp. 200°C. Smallest microprobes give fastest reading. Short probes are easier to insert and last longer.

Art. no Description Price
MT-29/1 Needle microprobe, 29G, needle 1cm Sign in
MT-29/3 Needle microprobe, 29G, needle 3cm Sign in
MT-29/5 Needle microprobe, 29G, needle 5cm Sign in
MT-23/3 Needle microprobe, 23G, needle 3cm Sign in
MT-23/5 Needle microprobe, 23G, needle 5cm Sign in

The time constant is defined as the time the sensor takes to reach 63% of the final reading. The response is an exponential function it would normally take 5 – 10 x constants to reach final reading depending on the resolution.

Probe Dia. (mm) Time Constant (sec) Temp range (C) Tip/Needle Lenght
MT29/1 0,33 0,125 -50 to 200 1 cm
MT29/3 0,33 0,125 -50 to 200 3 cm
MT29/5 0,33 0,125 -50 to 200 5 cm
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