Heart Matrice for Mouse
Heart Matrice for Mouse

Mouse Heart Matrices

These high grade acrylic and stainless steel matrices are precisely machined to ensure reproducible even sections of tissue from rat or mouse. The mouse heart matrices allow the researcher to slice sections through the heart at 0,5 mm intervals. This one is only available in stainless steel.

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69-4140 Heart matrix for mouse, stainless steel, 0,5mm cut. Sign in

Using the Matrice

When making a cut it is easiest to insert the blade at an angle, not straight down. Insert the blade in one side of the matrix at about a 45 degree angle then cut with it. Make the first cut with a blade and leave it in the Brain Matrix. Then take a second blade and make an adjacent cut. Leave this second blade in the Matrix as well. Now you can remove the first blade and cut with it again. Continuing in this “leap frog” method allows for more control over your cuts and limits brain movement while slicing. When using this method, the previously cut slice will stick to the “leaping” blade as you pull it out to make your next cut. This should be removed before making the next cut.

You may also choose to use more than two blades leaving multiple blades in. Some may find it beneficial to place a blade at either end of the desired section, and then make their cuts between the two end blades. Making a cut halfway between the blades, then cutting each half in half, etc. is a very stable way of doing it. Then to remove a slice, pull out the two blades on either side of it. After one slice is  removed you only need to pull up one blade at a time to get each additional slice as it should stick to the blade.

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