Tungsten Carbide adds several advantages to your instrument, whether there is a need for a hard and durable sharpness or you are looking for a long-lasting cost effective instrument. This special alloy hold the sharpness of the instrument several times longer compared to conventional instruments.

Mayo is a multipurpose instrument used in various surgical applications with their characteristic beveled blade.

Art. no Description Price
14510-15 Mayo Scissors, T/C, Straight Blunt-Blunt, 15cm Sign in
14510-17 Mayo Scissors, T/C, Straight Blunt-Blunt, 17cm Sign in
14511-15 Mayo Scissors, T/C, Curved Blunt-Blunt, 15cm Sign in
14511-17 Mayo Scissors, T/C, Curved Blunt-Blunt, 17cm Sign in

Tungsten Carbide Scissors

When you place heavy demands on your surgical instruments, be it scissors, needle holders, or forceps, you should consider the benefits of tungsten carbide, one of the hardest alloys available. Tungsten carbide scissors last almost two times longer than stainless steel, and needle holder tips can be made with a pyramid cross pattern that holds suture needles much more securely. Inlays are either glued or welded into place.

Compare the extra cost of these instruments with the length of useful wear and you have a cost effective solution for your instrument requirements. Tungsten carbide instruments are identified by their gold handles. 

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