LE-Series Rat

LE-Series Rat

These restrainers are made from Perspex cylinders mounted on a flat black Perspex base. All the models have free access through both extremes, by opening the respective tilting door that is fixed by a screw at the upper part of the restrainer. A hole at the base of the door allows for the whole tail to be available for tail injections/ sampling, pulse transducer etc. The lateral holes and slots allow for good ventilation and access to the animal.

The available space for the animal can easily be adjusted by sliding the doors and fixating with the upper screws.

Art. no Description Price
LE5020 Restrainer for rat 150 grams Sign in
LE5025 Restrainer for rat 500 grams Sign in
LE5022 Restrainer for rat 250 grams Sign in
LE5024 Restrainer for rat 400 grams Sign in
Art.No: Description
LE5020 Length: 150 mm I.D: 44 mm
LE5022 Length: 180 mm I.D: 54 mm
LE5024 Length: 200 mm I.D: 64 mm
LE5025 Length: 225 mm I.D: 74 mm

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