Jabaley Ergonomic Dissecting Scissors

SuperCut scissors for dissection of tough tissue in hand surgery. Beveled straight blades. Ergonomic model of the Jabaley SuperCut scissors to avoid fatigue in the hand.

Surgical scissors are normally held in a precise grip using the thumb and middle or ring finger. For more time-consuming procedures this can cause the hand to become fatigued faster. The solution is to angle the shanks so that the hand can work closer to its normal resting position. With a larger gap between the finger loops, tension and fatigue is countered and the hand can work more comfortably for a longer period - The Ergonomic model.

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101-8060-2 STILLE, Jabaley, Dissecting XE SuperCut Ergo Straight, 12,5cm Sign in
101-8062-2 STILLE, Jabaley, Dissecting XE SuperCut Ergo Curved 12,5cm Sign in

The slender design and excellent balance are the characteristics which make the STILLE Instruments easily recognizable. Their highly polished surface and delicate design make STILLE instruments lighter and easier to keep clean, thus more durable against discoloration and corrosion. All this provides STILLE instruments with a unique and outstanding feeling.


Stille is the only medical instrument maker in the world that still manufactures instruments from tubular steel in their own forge. For makers of precision surgical instruments, production has always maintained its artisanal character. They rely not only on drawings but, just as much, on their own sense of functionality and feature.

A complete instrument works like a model. The dimensions are already in the hands. Instrument makers know the precise bend with their own fingers, and they know how a perfect instrument should feel in the human hand. Minimum defects are immediately evident. Instrument makers share that special fingertip sense of functionality with the surgeon.


Surgical hand instruments manufactured by Stille carry a guarantee in respect of materials and workmanship. For a period of 30 years after purchase, we will replace or repair a damaged instrument free of charge if the damage is found to have been caused by a defect in materials or workmanship.

The guarantee is conditional on the instrument being used for the purpose intended, is cared for and stored correctly and that any claims are made in in writing within 30 days of the damage occurring.

Stille SuperCut XE

30 years ago STILLE invented the benchmark in surgical scissors – the original STILLE SuperCut Scissors with unparalleled performance for all types of soft tissue. STILLE’s SuperCut scissors have specially designed cutting surfaces – a combination of scissor and knife edges; they cut themselves forward with high precision right to the tip and provide maximum cutting power with minimal force and produce a perfect cut.

The new STILLE coating process is a Chrome-free coating process which is not only more environmental friendly, but also improves the well-documented durability of STILLE SuperCut Scissors. It is based on a thin layer diamond-like-carbon proprietary technology, aiming to reduce discoloration, improve instrument durability and help to create a more sustainable environment and at the same time more resistant to wear and tough sterilization processes. STILLE SuperCut XE, XE as in Extended durability and Eco-efficiency.

Stille SuperCut

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