A fusion scissors of Tungsten Carbide and ToughCut technologies:

Tungsten Carbide adds several advantages to your instrument, whether there is a need for a hard and durable sharpness or you are looking for a long-lasting cost effective instrument. This special alloy hold the sharpness of the instrument several times longer compared to conventional instruments.

ToughCut scissors feature two unique cutting edges that cut through the toughest tissue with exceptional ease and accuracy. One blade is honed to razor sharpness, and the other is micro-serrated to minimize tissue slippage during cutting.

Art. no Description Price
14558-09 Fine Scissors, T/C & ToughCut Sharp-Sharp,Straight, 9cm Sign in
14558-11 Fine Scissors, T/C & ToughCut Sharp-Sharp, Straight, 11,5cm Sign in
14559-09 Fine Scissors, T/C & ToughCut Sharp-Sharp,Curved, 9cm Sign in
14559-11 Fine Scissors, T/C & ToughCut Sharp-Sharp, Curved, 11,5cm Sign in
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