Induction Chamber

The induction chamber is made out of clear acrylic for induction of anaesthesia in the animal. The chamber is opened at the top where the animal is introduced. The transparent acrylic permits the animal to be kept under constant observation during the induction phase.

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8329002 Induction Chamber for rat Sign in
8329001 Induction Chamber for mouse Sign in

The Induction Chamber is designed so that the anaesthetic gas, which is heavier than air, fills from the bottom. Surplus gas is removed from the top and either connected to a Univentor 2010 Scavenger or ventilation bench. The lid is heavy enough to prevent escapees whilst allowing easy access.

When connected to a Gas Routing Switch or Scavenger Gas Routing Switch the anaesthetic gas is swiftly routed from the chamber to mask etc.


8329001 Mouse 0,8 Litres - 160(L) x 120(W) x 135(H) mm

8329002 Rat 1,4 Litres - 220(L) x 120(W) x 135(H) mm

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