High Speed Stereotaxic Drill

Model 1474 High Speed Stereotaxic Drill is designed for placing holes in the skull at precise stereotaxic coordinates for electrodes, cannulas or micro injections.

Model 1474 can be run at a variable speed with dial or foot pedal control. The foot pedal control speed range is from 0 – 45,000 rpm. Both the micro motor control and foot pedal control have forward and reverse operation. Steady constant speed can be achieved with proper flip of the switch from foot to manual control.

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1474 Stereotaxic High Speed Drill 220V incl. 1464 holder Sign in
1474w/o1464 Stereotaxic High Speed Drill 220V Sign in

Additional design features include a quick change rotary chuck handpiece with DC motor housed within. This handpiece is distinguished from flexible shaft machines by higher speed performance and added flexibility. Includes standard collet 1/8″. The handpiece is vibration-free, quiet running and lightweight. Model 1464 stereotaxic handpiece holder can be excluded if the drill is not used in a stereotaxic frame.

  • Quality, versatility and ability to perform are guaranteed by David Kopf Instruments. Several atlases in current use are based on the dependable parameters of Kopf instrumentation.
  • The precise manner in which the instrument is built and assembled attributes to the accuracy, integrity and durability of our instrumentation.
  • Combines student level operating simplicity with research quality and accuracy.
  • Modular accessories allow for expansion of instrument capabilities. Adaptable for use with a wide variety of small animals.
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