The G-Series provides comfortable containment of experimental animals to facilitate repeated measurements of physiological and pharmacological parameters. As for all confide space the animal should be preconditioned (trained) to accept appropriate periods in the chamber.

It consists of a cylinder hinged to a base. On the top of the cylinder there are four slots and an end plate allowing adjustment of the cylinder length for different rodent sizes. The animal can be accessed through the cylinder slots or the hole in the base plate when accessing the animal from below.

Art. no Description Price
G-5 Restrainer, Rat from 400-800g Sign in
G-3 Restrainer, Rat from 250-350g Sign in
G-1 Restrainer, Rat from 50-120g Sign in
G-4 Restrainer, Rat from 350-400g Sign in
G-2 Restrainer, Rat from 120-250g Sign in
Art.No: Description
G-1 Length: 160 mm I.D: 38 mm
G-2 Length: 220 mm I.D: 57 mm
G-3 Length: 240 mm I.D: 60 mm
G-4 Length: 260 mm I.D: 63 mm
G-5 Length: 280 mm I.D: 69 mm

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