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The iPRECIO Micro Infusion Pump sets a new standard in precise and unrestrained drug administration in small laboratory animals. This pump is the world’s first totally Implantable, Programmable and in vivo Refillable micro infusion pump

This implantable infusion pump uses a patented, microprocessor controlled peristalsis mechanism for accurate controlled flow. It is the only implantable and programmable pump for small laboratory animals. iPRECIO® can infuse fluids continuously for as long as six months and it can be refilled via a percutaneously accessible port. 

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The pump can be completely implanted in small laboratory animals subcutaneously. Thus, the animal moves freely without any restrain (i.e. tethering) during drug infusion. Additionally, infection risk is reduced, and the animal is likely less stressed than it would be in a tethered infusion model.

Using the easy to use menu driven iPRECIO software, header information along with infusion protocol details are entered and ultimately downloaded to the pump's flash memory. Start Time, End Time, Flow-rate (1.0µl/hour to 30.0µl/hour), Constant and Variable infusion mode are programmable. Both Constant and Variable infusion options have Instant or Recovery Mode Infusion settings.

In Variable infusion mode, 10 flow-rate steps are user programmable. Further sophistication may be obtained by using iPRECIO's Repeat Mode where the 10 steps are programmed within one or several repeat cycle loops (5 loops maximum). Each loop may be repeated 2-250 times.*

The programmable feature will make iPRECIO pumps indispensable for applications where accurate flow infusion, recovery/washout periods, constant/variable dose or complex circadian infusion studies are necessary.

*subject to battery life


You can replenish any medical fluid in the pump via percutaneous access to the pump refill septum and reservoir after implantation of the pump. So, long-term drug infusion can continue until the installed battery life has run out. The reservoir is elastic and configured in such geometry as to allow gentle palpation to confirm an approximate level of fluid in the reservoir.


The technology driving the infusion is a patented "Rotary Finger" method. This method is a unique form of peristalsis. The precise "micro-stick" pushes a rubber tube in the pump in a uniform and sequential manner. 

The accuracy of iPRECIO is +/-5%.

38.7 x 19.2 x 9.7 mm
7.9 grams
± 5 % (under 0 – 80cm H2O pressure)
6 Months at 1.0 μL/hr - 1 week at 30.0 μL/hr
Type of Usage
Infusion Method
Rotary Finger Method (patented peristalsis)
900μL Built-in Elastic Reservoir(Medical Grade SIBS)
Medical Grade SIBS

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