Implantable flexible microprobe IT-14

Flexible implantable microprobe

We sell Type T thermocouple microprobes from Physitemp Instruments, Inc. These are amongst the very best of Type T probes available, and a must when taking precise temperature measurements. 

Implantable in semi-solids and tissue with needle (supplied), also for immersion in various solutions and rectal temperatures of small animals. Totally sheathed in chemical resistant PTFE and quite rugged. Max Temp. 150°C. Isolated. Type # designates needle gauge.

Art. no Description Price
IT-21 Flexible implant. microprobe Sign in
IT-14 Flexible implantable microprobe, 14G Sign in
IT-23 Flexible implant. microprobe, ultra fast measurement Sign in
IT-18 Flexible implantable microprobe, 18G Sign in

The time constant is defined as the time the sensor takes to reach 63% of the final reading. The response is an exponential function it would normally take 5 – 10 x constants to reach final reading depending on the resolution.

Probe Dia. (mm) Time Constant (sec) Temp range (C)
IT-14 1,27 0,3 -50 to 150
IT-18 0,64 0,1 -50 to 150
IT-21 0,41 0,08 -50 to 150
IT-23 0,28 (at tip) 0,005 -50 to 150
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