Laser etched animal Ear Tags

Animal ear tags in monel

The animal ear tags are produced in Monel which is a Nickel-Copper alloy that is used for its excellent combination of corrosion resistance, strength & flexibility. The tags are lightweight and can be used in chronic studies. The standard tags are laser etched for best visibility with number 0001–1000. The ear tags are also available with custom etched numbers or letters. The tag is easily applied with a special applicator.

Custom numbering are available upon request e.g. A1001-A2000, B2001-B3000 etc.

Art. no Description Price
1005-1 Eartags - Laser Etched, 0001 thrue 1000, pgk=1000 Sign in
1005S1 Eartag applicator Sign in
1005-1-CM Eartags - Custom made Laser etched Sign in

Ear tags for lab animals

Mouse and rat ear tags are used in research and lab animals, such as mice, rats, and other small animals.

How to use animal ear tags

The animal identification ear tags are easy to apply and provide a secure and durable seal. A hand-held ear tag applicator in stainless steel is used to seal the ear tag with minimal pressure. The ear tag applicator can be uses with or without the spring.

Wash the ear tags in alcohol or disinfectant before applying the identification to prevent infection to the ear. Place the mouse or rat ear tag in the ear tag applicator, keeping the “hole” side with the identification number flat against the jaw of the ear tag applicator. Locate the tag on the ear, applying behind a ring of cartilage. After crimping, be sure the tag point has come through the hole and is bent over, securing the ear tag properly. Watch the video below for a demonstration of use. 

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