Absorbable Sutures

Vicryl Rapid (Polyglactin 910)

Coated multifilament for use in soft tissue, short term wound support and rapid absorption.

Vicryl (Polyglactin 910)

Multifilament for use in soft tissue, micro and ophthalmic surgery & nerve adaptation.

Monocryl (Polyglecaprone 25)

Monofilament for use in general soft tissue.

PDS II (Polydioxanone)

Monofilament for use in general soft tissue, micro and ophthalmic surgery.

In addition to the products listed here, Ethicon also offers the absorbable sutures Vicryl® Plus, MONOCRYL® Plus and PDS® Plus, Ethicon’s range of antibacterial sutures. To learn more about these products please see the product catalogue. To order any of these products, please contact our email: agnthos@agnthos.se

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